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Our goal

Coesfeld GmbH & Co. KG is active in the field of test equipment for material tests. We aim to always find and realize the most intelligent solution for our customer with regard to their cost-benefit ratio.

We are convinced that sustainable innovations and marketable products can only be developed gently in steady validation with end-users. This conviction leads our activities.

Our competence

Development and production of test equipment for material and component tests is our field of activities. Therefore, our core competence is everything related to precise generation and measurement of force, temperature, speed, acceleration, travel and energy.

From the establishment of Coesfeld Materialtest in 1968 as an individual enterprise for service of temper devices we have successively enriched our scope to individual production and to the production of small batch series. Today our test equipment is being operated worldwide with great success. This proofs our continuity and reliability on the one hand. On the other hand it is the success of our ambitions to always find the optimal solution for our customers.

We will stick to this approach in order to deliver our customers as much flexibility, quality and sustainability as possible.

To achieve our goals we have closed the gaps between our supplier-network, our vertical integration, our competences in production and commodities, our manufacturing cost and process reliability.

Goal oriented and pragmatic processes constitute our organization. This is defined in our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and also practiced in our calibration laboratory CaLab, which is accredited corresponding to ISP/IEC 17015:2005.

Thus, we are confident to claim and will gladly demonstrate you: We will find the more intelligent solution for you.

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