DDT 660/1500 - Dart Drop Tester

Free falling Dart Test with 660 and 1500 mm Drop height


  • Software-guided test execution and data evaluation
  • Available as table-top or floor-standing model
  • Easy change between method A and B with rotating drop tower
  • Safety feature for clamping and collision protection
  • Practical weight storage directly on the device
  • Large test room for stretch films

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The Dart Drop Tester is for determining the penetration energy of foils with the so-called staircase method. Both drop weight and drop height can be varied.

The device is purely pneumatically operated. The foot control allows the user to have both hands free for specimen clamping. A handle guard ensures that only the specimen is clamped cleanly. The drop is released by means of a two-hand control.

The instrument is supplied with a slim Coesfeld WIN software, which can be used directly on the instrument on a tablet computer, for example. The software guides the user through the test sequence and immediately provides a standard-compliant report.

Drop Height

660 or 1500 mm

Drop Weight

50 g to 3000 g

Dimensions (D x W x H)

460 x 330 x 1340 or 2170 mm


approx. 50 kg

Compressed Air Supply

6 - 10 bar

ASTM D1709

DIN EN ISO 6603-1

DIN EN ISO 7765-1

JIS K7124-1

GB/T 9639.1

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