Maintenance and calibration

Prerequisite for trustworthy measurement results are traceable calibration of the entire measurement chain and regular maintenance. We offer factory and DAkkS calibration of your measurands. Our calibration service is based on relevant standards. The use of traceable test equipment is a matter of course. Our calibration laboratory is accredited according to ISO IEC 17025.

Our service is not limited to devices from our production. We also calibrate test devices from other manufacturers.

On-site service

We offer you on-site service for calibration, maintenance and repair. Our international partners support you at your site. For certain machinery we also provide international service. For this purpose, our team of service technicians is constantly on the move and therefore often already in your area. In addition to execution of individual orders, we offer you framework agreements for preventive maintenance and calibration. While you keep your test device in good and certified operating condition on schedule, you save cost at the same time, because we pass on the planning security we have gained and the cost advantages that arises in route planning to you.

General overhaul and modernization

Technology is constantly evolving. This is especially true for electronics and software. The mechanical machine structure is often more durable and sometimes even more solid than in modern devices. We do not write off old machines in terms of calculated service life. We are happy to check options for modernization and provide technical service beyond the actual service life of the machine. We also service test devices from other manufacturers.

Testing service

We are operating the legally independent PRL - Polymer Research Lab since 2013 and offer you testing services as well as support for material research and development projects with close links to universities. Services are independent of our main company, which offers space for device-independent testing services, validation measurements or material-specific test method development.

Our company maintains a quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 and we are certified by DMSZ.

Our calibration service is carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 and our calibration laboratory is accredited by DAkkS.

PRL - Polymer Research Lab offers independent testing services as well as support for materials research and development projects.