Extrusion Plastometer MFR/MVR (Melt Flow Index Tester)

Device for MFI-measurement of meltmass flow rate and melt-volume flow rate


  • Stand alone or software operation
  • Status visible over touch display
  • Upgradeable from basic up to MFR/MVR-Automat
  • Weight-Lifting option with compaction and cleaning function
  • Cleaning piston and Extrudate Cutter: manual or motor-driven



Extrusion plastometers are used to characterise the flow behaviour of thermoplastics. The meltmass flow rate, MFR value (g/10min) indicates the amount of material flowing through a capillary with defined dimensions at a specific pressure and temperature in ten minutes. The melt-volume flow rate, MVR value (cm³/10min) indicates the volume that is pressed through a capillary in ten minutes.

The MFR/MVR tester can be operated alone or via Coesfeld WIN-MFR/MVR software. The active device status is intuitively displayed via the touch panel. The optional PC connection offers extended device configuration and measurement data management. The operating button allows glove-friendly command input in the respective operating step. The device can be upgraded in modules from the minimally instrumented standard MFR equipment, e.g. by connecting a scale, displacement sensors up to a lifting platform for automatic MFR/MVR testing.

EN 1238

ASTM D1693

ISO 1133

ASTM D1238

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