PIT 25/50 - Pendulum Impact Tester

Impact pendulum for Charpy, Izod and impact tensile tests up to 25/ 50 Joule


  • Electric pendulum brake - high safety - no compressed air required
  • Free start angle adjustment possible
  • Flexible and easily adaptable to common testing standards
  • Optional motorized pendulum reset
  • CE-compliant partial or full safety housing

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The Coesfeld pendulum impact tester enables testing of the entire spectrum of plastic impact testing, Charpy, Izod, impact tensile and Dynstat according to ISO as well as ASTM standards up to 50 joules. Optionally, the instrument can be upgraded with automatic pendulum return and specimen loading, for convenient and high throughput.

The pendulum impact tester is operated by PC as standard. An operation button allows easy release and braking of the pendulum to perform measurements in series directly at the instrument in quick succession. The optional touch panel provides a direct overview of the measurement sequence. Impact energy and all standard relevant results are displayed and stored immediately after each impact test. The results can be further used in the finished report format or, as is typical for Coesfeld, in the complete raw data export.

Impact Energy

0.5 to 50 Joule

Impact Speed

0 to 3.8 m/s (continuously selectable)

Angle Resolution


Pendulum Detection




Motorized Pendulum Reset


Dimensions W x D x H

1.070 x 431 x 1.078 mm


350 kg


230 V, 50 Hz, 1500 W


ASTM D6110

DIN 53435

DIN EN ISO 179-1



ASTM D4812

Easily and precisely interchangeable test setup

The solid base plate is equipped with a slot for the different test setups (Charpy, IZOD, impact train), so that the setups can be exchanged easily and with a precise fit. There are generous recesses in the base plate to quickly and easily dispose of leftover samples in the integrated drawer.

Optional Integrated Automatic Sample Feeder

For the Charpy and IZOD measurement, an automatic sample feed for measurement series of up to 20 tests can be integrated into the device housing. The samples are automatically fed into the test from a temperature-insulated magazine. At the same time, accessibility for manual measurements is retained without restrictions.

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