Pressure Aging Vessel PAV

Determination of the long-term aging of bitumen and to simulate the aging of asphalt mix after 5 to 10 years.


  • up to 10 freely programmable test sequences (pressure / time / temperature) can be saved
  • Menu navigation via PC with touch screen
  • automatic test sequence (standards stored in the system)
  • Real-time pressure and temperature display

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In a tested pressure vessel made of stainless steel, up to 10 bitumen samples are aged at a pressure of up to 2.45 MPa at the test temperatures stated in the standards. Automatic test procedure with the help of the standards stored in the system controller.
The process data is saved during the test and can be viewed during and after the test for evaluation with the included PC touch screen. Up to 10 freely programmable test procedures (pressure / time / temperature) can be stored.

Dimensions (L x W x H)

560 x 520 x 470 mm


50 kg (empty)


230 V, 50-60Hz

EN 14769

ASTM D6521-00


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