GT - Gel Time Measurement (16/20/Auto)

Test equipment for determining the gel time and curing characteristics of thermosetting powder coatings and resins


  • worldwide established Tester
  • multiple device configurations available
  • Hollow diameter 16 mm and 20 mm
  • Plain Plate 100x100 mm / 150x150 mm

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The very precise surface temperature control of the precision heating plate and the integrated stopwatch of the Coesfeld Geltest testers enable the user to determine reproducible and comparable gel times. The test substance is placed in the polished hollow of the temperature-controlled heating plate by means of a measuring spoon. At the same time, the built-in stopwatch is actuated. The sample is stirred evenly with a stirring needle until no more resin threads form when the needle is jerked upwards. When this point is reached, the clock is stopped and the time is read in seconds. The measured time until this resin state is reached is called the gel time.

Temperature Controller

microprocessor controlled

Temperature Range

+60 °C to 250 °C

Display Accuracy

± 0.1 °C

Digital Stopwatch

1 sec to 24 h

Dimensions (W x D x H)

450 x 220 x 240 mm


approx. 10 kg


230 V / 50 HZ (optional 115 V / 60 Hz)

ASTM D3451

ASTM D3532

ASTM D4217

CAN/CSA Z245.21


DIN 16916

DIN 30670

DIN 55990

EN ISO 8130-6

ISO 21809

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