Creep Tester (Electro-Drive)

Instrumented multi-station system for motor-driven creep and relaxation measurement


  • Easy Handling
  • Reproducible Load Application
  • Programmable Load Cycles
  • optional Temperature Chamber or Humidity Control
  • optional Video Extensometer for precise, non-contact strain measurement

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The measurement of creep behavior provides data for design purposes as well as for research and development. The test is performed on standardized test specimens under specified conditions, such as pretreatment, temperature and humidity. DIN EN ISO 899 or ASTM D 2990 describe the creep test on plastics for the tensile test and the flexure test. Electromotive systems offer convenience, flexibility and precision. Creep and relaxation measurement as well as alternating cycles can be programmed.

All Systems

  • with 3 to 10 stations
  • with optional temperature chamber or humidity control
  • with optional video extensometer for precise, non-contact strain measurement

Maximal Test Load

20 kN

Load Application


Programmable Load Cycles



200 mm

Travel Resolution

0.025 µm

Froce Resolution

0.04 % FN

Temperature Control

-40 °C to +250 °C

Temperature Consistency

± 1 K

Dimensions (W x D x H)

800 x 1040 1820 x 2100 mm


1,3 t to 1,8 t


3~400 V N/PE

DIN EN ISO 899-1

DIN EN ISO 899-2

ASTM D2990

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