Holiday detector

Device for non-destructive holiday detection of coatings via high voltage impulse technology


  • Accessories (test electrodes etc.) available according to test requirements

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The instruments are specially designed for testing sensitive coatings such as FBE, enamel, epoxy, halar, etc.. An intelligent signal evaluation also allows the testing of fully coated parts. The menu-controlled sensitivity guarantees reliable test results. The integrated pore counter facilitates compliance with factory standards and norms.

Test voltage

5-35 kV in 0.1 kV Steps


Pb 6 V, interchangeable


230 V, 50 Hz

DIN 28055

DIN 28063

DIN 30670

DIN 4681

DIN 55670

DIN EN 10329

DIN EN 14430


DVGW W400-2

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