Automatic Ignition Tester

Determination of the ignition temperature of flammable liquids and gases for the assessment of the hazard potential of these substances

Technical Data

Temperature Range: +65 °C to +650 °C
Test Duration: under 3 h for n-Heptan
Test Methods: Predetermination, Method S, Manual Determination
Dimesions Control Box (W x D x H): approx. 76 x 62 x 24 cm
Dimensions Test Unit (W x D x H): approx. 46 x 36 x 73 (100 hochgefahren) cm
Weight: approx. 25 kg (Control Box), approx. 49 kg (Test Unit)
Mains: 3 ~ 400 V AC, 50 Hz, 16 A CEE Plug

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